Follow-up testimonies after crusade 2018

By Philipp J. Schmerold, Dec. 2018

Many people who came to Christ in our last crusade in Asia got baptized by their local pastors.
One church in particular is experiencing a revival in the city where we held our March crusade and they have to extend their church building in order to accumulate the growth they have been experiencing.

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Notable healings and creative miracles in Asia

By Philipp J. Schmerold, March 2018

Dear Mission Partners - Glory be to God - we saw more than 19.000 decisions for Christ in our last campaign in Asia. God did tremendous miracles and many were healed, delivered and filled with the Holy Spirit.


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Baptism testimonies 2018

We are receiving follow up testimonies from our March crusade in Asia. Many people that came to Christ taking it a step further and getting baptized by their new pastors.


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Thousands come to Jesus in South Asia

By Philipp J. Schmerold, March 2017

Als treuer Partner und Freund bist du Teil der reichen Seelenernte, die wir in Südasien einfahren durften. Als ich durch auf die Mengen schaute, dachte ich, "Der Preis den Gott für diese Menschen bezahlt hat, war unbeschreiblich hoch. Jesus verdient diese Menschen". Der Hauptgrund warum ich das Evangelium predige ist der, weil Jesus gelitten hat. Er liebt diese Menschen. 

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