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Satan cannot stand against the bold use of TRUTH, motivated by sincere LOVE, ready to demonstrate Gods POWER. He will have to bow every single time, releasing those he has held captive. 
There are no hard places anywhere in this world, there are only Christians with lack of love.
Weep over the lost, preach the truth, work miracles. Always mix everything with faith - and you will be an effective soul winner. Preach ye the gospel, would you
Everyone wants to do something in the christian world nowadays but few are willing to GO AFTER the lost, this is why God continues to be unimpressed by most of the Christian establishment and raises those up who simply follow His heartbeat. God has called you for greatness but that you would use the favor He has given you to bless people and see them restored
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“There is welcome for the sinner, and more graces for the good. 

There is mercy with the Savior, there is healing in His blood. 

For the Love of God is broader, than the measure of mans mind.

And the heart of the eternal - is most wonderfully kind. 

If our lives were about more simple, we should take Him at His Word.

And our lives will be all sunshine, in the sweetness of our Lord.”

~ John G. Lake