Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades

The vision of mass evangelism is, that through partnering with local churches in particular regions, the power of God will be manifested in strategic "Holy Spirit Miracle Crusades" so that multitudes can be saved, the sick healed, and the demonized set free and delivered. Combined with those events GKM seeks to do training and equipping for the local pastors and leaders in an unreached area, and holds missions conferences in order to equip missionaries and strenghten, encourage local believers to do the work of the ministry. Together with a team and depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit, GKM will work in those particular areas afterwards and if there are no churches in the area, together with the regional leaders, new churches will be planted.

At the moment Global Kingdom Mission primarily organizes and leads crusades in Asia, but also in Europe and Africa. Tens of thousands have come to Christ through those events, many were healed of incurable diseases, and new churches have been planted.